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Daniella Saunders

Health Coach, Philosopher, Spiritual Counsellor


Daniella Saunders

Health Coach, Philosopher, Spiritual Counsellor


Emotional Burnout in Therapists and Healers
The shadow side of being highly empathic… Therapists, healers, coaches and other health professionals are usually drawn to their role because of a desire to ...
4 Steps to Changing Your Life Story
The Story of You Everything that you have ever experienced in your life has impacted your thoughts, memories, beliefs, and opinions about who you are. ...
10 Signs You are in a Healthy Relationship
Relationships for Intuitive People Relationships are top of the list when it comes to sources of ongoing emotional and psychological stress for people with chronic ...
How Emotional Stress Affects Your Health
Physical Effects of Emotional Stress The stress response is a great way of your body protecting itself from impending danger.  It allows you to deal ...
Origins of Sensitivity
Origins of Sensitivity People with high levels of sensitivity usually share an increased receptivity to the processing of external stimuli, including an increased awareness of ...
5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life
Begin by identifying causes of stress This might seem like an obvious statement, but many people have never taken the time to really think about ...

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