One-to-One Online Consultations

If you are interested in coaching, I recommend that you check out my coaching programmes, as these are the best way to create changes in your life. They include longer consultations, are more structured, have interim support, and are more comprehensive, than individual sessions.

You can visit my programmes page here.

However, I do appreciate that there are situations where people do not want to book a full programme. So, I also offer individual coaching consultations which are available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

If you simply want to get clarity about a situation, then a single session should be fine.

However, please be aware that real transformation is a process, rather than a one-time event.  So, I generally recommend using a short series of 3-5 individual consultations. Or a single consultation with a shorter follow-up call.

If you aren't sure how many sessions you are likely to need, you are welcome to contact me first.


Here's a quick reminder of some of the most common things that I help people with:


  • Chronic pain, fatigue or illness
  • Anxiety or emotional health
  • Getting through a difficult period of life
  • Overcoming stress and burnout
  • Controlling mind and thoughts


  • Pain and symptom management
  • Meditations and mindfulness practices
  • Regaining a balanced life
  • Natural therapies for specific conditions
  • Changing health-related habits


  • Developing self-awareness
  • Personal development
  • Finding direction and life purpose
  • Exploring spiritual awakening
  • Learning new skills for life

Individual Consultations

If you would like to make a booking, simply click the image below.

You will then be taken to the booking page, where you can complete the form to complete your payment, and reserve your online session.

Recommended for:

Initial discovery call

Emergency or additional support

Follow-up to longer consultations

£30 - 30 minute consultation

Recommended for:

Exploring a single topic

Occasional support when needed

As part of a series of 3-6 sessions

£50 - 1 hour consultation

Recommended for:

Discussing a single topic in more detail

Occasional in-depth support

As part of a bundle with 30 min follow-up

£95 - 2 hour online consultation

Add a Follow-Up Session....

If you simply want to book an individual session to explore a single topic or problem, then you may find it helpful to add a short follow-up session a few weeks later.

Many people find that this is a good way to consolidate what you have learnt. Also, unexpected problems often come up when it comes to putting action plans into practice, so this gives you the opportunity to resolve them properly.


1 x 1 hour consultation

Plus 1 x 30 minute consolidation session

Pricing - £75


1 x 2 hour consultation

Plus 1 x 30 minute consolidation session

Pricing - £120