Regular monthly coaching sessions for wisdom and wellbeing.

Programme Outline

Self-Care Practices for Wellbeing Service Providers

  • Integrate mind-body therapies into your life for wellbeing
  • Mindfulness and meditation exercises for self-awareness
  • Bodywork therapies for stress, pain, and symptom relief
  • Energy healing for restoring balance and harmony

Coaching for Holistic Therapies

Stress, pain, and symptom management
Self-care and integration of health practices

Library of resources for integrating therapies into your life
1-1 online coaching sessions with Daniella

Become more mindful and present with life
Release stored stress and emotions
Maintain your energetic balance
Develop self-awareness and inner harmony
Integrate therapies as a natural part of your life

3 month minimum subscription
Monthly recurring payments until cancelled

Silver:  Resources plus 1 x coaching session/month
Gold:  Resources plus 2 x coaching sessions/month

What's Included

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