Holistic therapies for acute stress, pain, and symptom relief (Cornwall).


A series of 3 x 45 minute holistic therapy consultations

For acute stress, pain, or symptom relief

Held over a 3 to 6 week period

(Consultations at the therapy room in Lostwithiel)


Relief from acute pain  -back, neck, shoulders

Muscular injury - RSI, sciatica, frozen shoulder

Stress reduction, anxiety, emotional health

Additional resources:

Mindful movement video collection

70 x yoga-based postures for use at home

For muscular health, energy, and stress reduction

What this programme can help you with:

  • Pain relief - back, neck, shoulder pain, RSI, muscular tension, injury
  • Managing symptoms - inflammation, pain, digestive issues, insomnia
  • Self-care - stress reduction, emotional health, improving wellbeing
  • Short-term programme for acute stress, pain or muscular injury.

Therapies Available

You can include any of these modalities within your monthly holistic therapy session:

Deep tissue massage


Thermo Auricular Therapy

Reiki healing

Thai heated compress


Indian head massage

Hot stone therapy


Remedial massage


Holistic Therapies

A series of 3 x 45 minute sessions
Held over 3 to 6 weeks
Combine any of listed therapies


Acute pain & symptom relief
Stress & anxiety reduction
Back pain or muscular injury

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