Holistic health subscription for caregivers and healers in Cornwall.


Regular monthly holistic therapy sessions

For maintenance of personal health and wellbeing

Specialist support for caregivers, therapists, and healing practitioners.


1 x 1 hour consultation each month

Additional sessions available if needed

Any combination of listed therapies

(Consultations at the therapy room in Lostwithiel)

Additional resources:

Mindful movement video collection

70 x yoga-based postures for use at home

For muscular health, energy, and stress reduction

*Minimum 3 month subscription

Integrate Regular Holistic Therapies into Your Life:

This programme can help with:

Acute pain - sciatica, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain

Muscular injury - repetitive strain injury, frozen shoulder, sprains

Exhaustive conditions - burnout, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia

Stress-related symptoms - inflammation, digestive issues, insomnia

Emotional health - overwhelm, acute stress, trauma, worry, anxiety


Regular monthly therapies

Combined holistic therapies
Individualised programme
Yoga postures for use at home


Fibromyalgia, muscular pain, injury
Regular management of stress
Chronic exhaustive conditions

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*minimum 3 month subscription
Recurring payments until cancelled



per month

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