Embodied Wisdom

What is embodied wisdom? And why is it important?

Wisdom is a complex integration of being able to see the world as it actually is, and to act in a way which is in alignment with the best outcome for self and others. Wisdom involves a deep understanding of subjects which include insight, knowledge, morality, spirituality, divinity, culture, language, and existence.

Embodiment is the practical application of these insights, both for oneself, and how we behave in life. Plus how we interact with the people and world around us. After all, theoretical philosophising doesn't really bring much benefit to anyone, unless it is put into practice.

So, embodied wisdom is a combination of developing insights into life, and integrating these into physical form. From an individual perspective, it's a process of self-realization.

This stage of mind-body wisdom usually occurs once a person has a certain depth of self-awareness, and mastery over their own experience. There comes a stage where personal development, and exploring the nature of mind, naturally crosses a boundary into spirituality, and more existential concerns. Where you begin to explore the cultural beliefs around health and wellbeing. To enquire about the dynamics of power which exist in health, politics,and religion. To question the very nature of mind, consciousness, and existence.

Some of the triggers which can propel people onto this path include:

  • Experiencing significant illness, trauma, or adversity
  • Questioning the presence of evil, violence, or suffering in the world
  • Having spiritual experiences and insights into life
  • Facing bereavement, loss, or the death of a loved one
  • Facing an existential or spiritual crisis
  • Feeling a lack of deeper meaning and purpose to life

When you are facing any of these things, you may feel that there is nowhere to turn to. Spirituality and wisdom are not usually seen as inherently important within healthcare, so they are not incorporated in a meaningful way. Yet, for people who are facing chronic pain, trauma, life-threatening illness, significant loss, or suffering, these are issues which are of the utmost importance.

So this is what embodied wisdom is all about - resolving questions about the meaning of life, spirituality, mind and consciousness, so that you can move into a deeper state of inner peace.

Mind, spirituality, and health

Perhaps you are wondering what on earth the relationship is between the mind, spirituality, and health?

If so, then the first step here is to acknowledge the fundamental differences between approaches to mind which exist in Eastern and Western cultures.

In mainstream Western healthcare, your mind is generally believed to be something which arises from a physical brain. As a result, the focus of care is firmly placed on the physical aspects of functioning, with mental health being viewed in a similar way, with an emphasis placed upon physical attributes.  Whilst these things are important, there is lesser emphasis placed upon the spiritual aspects of life, or the cultural impact upon a persons wellbeing.

In contrast, many of the wisdom traditions of Eastern cultures are based upon a different worldview. In this approach to health, consciousness is viewed as the essential component of life.  So, rather than being seen as arising from physical matter, it is considered to be the fundamental building block of life, from which physicality arises. So, in this viewpoint, spirituality becomes a central component of wellbeing. It becomes a process of awakening, where developing insight into the nature of thoughts, beliefs, and self-identity, is the key to releasing suffering.

Of course, there are also a wide variety of paths which fall between these two viewpoints. But the starting point is to recognise that there are in fact many different paths which exist. So often, there is a great deal of confusion around these issues, and this is often bound together with a great deal of judgement, or strongly held belief. But there is no right or wrong path here - everyone can follow whatever feels right for them.  The important thing is to work through the confusion and to reach a place where you feel a greater level of peace and clarity, and then to integrate this knowing into your life. In other words, to embody the wisdom which you have developed...

Beginning the journey of embodied wisdom

The process of evolving wisdom can incorporate a wide range of topics, including:

  • Defining what wisdom  means to you, and how you want to integrate it into your life
  • Exploring philosophical questions - perhaps about free will, suffering, or life and death
  • Understanding what spiritual awakening really is, and how it relates to seeking
  • Developing insights into spiritual experiences and ideas
  • Find out how you can find more meaning and purpose in your life
  • Create a plan for your own spiritual growth, or path of evolving wisdom

Embodied wisdom will look different for everyone.  Perhaps it means exploring ways you can change your life for the better. Maybe you want to understand the nature of consciousness. To find your life purpose. Or to contemplate the meaning of life itself. Whatever your path, I can support you along the way...

Integrate Embodied Wisdom Into Your Life...

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