Emotional Resilience

Improve your emotional health


Emotional health involves the ability to manage stressful thoughts and feelings in a healthy and appropriate way.  When you have high levels of emotional health and resilience, you can effectively deal with any situation which you encounter in life.

Emotional health is perhaps the most important indicator of wellbeing. Many people have their lives dictated through their own ability to manage their inner feelings and emotions. Not only do emotions govern how we feel (good or bad), they also motivate our behaviour and daily habits. Addictive behaviours usually arise from a desire to escape difficult feelings. As do certain habits - like avoiding certain people or situations, or finding solace in unhealthy foods.

So, emotional resilience is a key component of health, and one which is important to master if you want to experience lasting happiness in your life.


No matter how much your emotions are currently affecting your life - it is possible to feel better and find happiness


Emotional distress

When your emotional health is disrupted, it can appear in many different ways.

I invite you to pause for a moment, and to consider how your emotions are impacting your daily life. Here are a few common emotional challenges...

  • Feeling anxious and fearful much of the time
  • Worrying and overthinking everything, to the point of not being able to enjoy life
  • Being emotionally numb or disconnected from life and other people
  • Not being able to move past previous trauma,  or experiences in life, and replaying it over and over again...
  • Not being able to relax, and feeling a strong need to stay busy all the time
  • Deep feelings of not being good enough or worthy of happiness
  • Being regularly overwhelmed by life events and situations
  • Feeling depressed, sad, or tearful regularly

If you are experiencing any of the above, then you may be able to improve your experience by becoming more aware of the factors which are contributing to your situation, and changing how you react and respond to your emotions.


Stress and emotions

Stress and emotional health go hand in hand, and are to some extent inseparable. However, they are slightly different in nature.

There are many different types of stress, but generally speaking stress occurs as a direct result of the thoughts, beliefs, and associations that you have about a person, event, or situation. You can even feel stressed about experiencing certain types of emotion - like fear or anxiety.

Emotional stress is often a behaviour pattern which has been learnt. It can be unlearnt and changed too.

This might not be immediately obvious when you are in the middle of an overwhelming situation. But with guidance and support, you can develop new ways of relating to stress.

Emotions are also often triggered by thoughts, in a similar way to stress. However, emotion has a stronger association with somatic, or bodily, sensations and feelings.

Whilst emotions might feel very different on an experiential level,  the skills needed to develop mastery and resilience can be consistently applied to all emotions equally.

What if you could control your thoughts and emotions?

Imagine being able to...

  • Stop being controlled by fear and anxiety
  • Move past emotional trauma and reclaim your life
  • Stop feeling compulsively driven towards addictive habits
  • Settle your mind, no matter what is going on around you, and still connect with your inner peace calm.
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed, fearful or anxious
  • Feel steady and unshakeable in the face of loss or major change

If this sounds good to you, then now is always a good time to start proactively making some changes in your life, and feeling better....

How developing a wisdom-based approach to emotional freedom can help...

I provide coaching for people who are struggling with any aspect of emotional health.

My approach explores emotions from an experiential and existential viewpoint, rather than using a psychology-based model.  Some of the things we can explore in our sessions include:

  • The fundamental nature of thoughts, emotion, trauma, and feelings
  • How to use mindfulness-based practices to become more self-aware, and develop presence
  • Why labels can keep you stuck in an unhelpful emotional pattern
  • Somatic-based techniques to increase emotional resilience and process feelings from the past
  • How stress and emotional health is affected by cultural views on trauma and psychology
  • How understanding the fundamental nature of the mind can help you develop emotional mastery
  • Practical guidance on how to quiet your mind, and change your emotional responses

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