Chronic Fatigue, Burnout, and Exhaustive Conditions

Chronic stress and exhaustive conditions

Chronic fatigue conditions all share a specific group of common symptoms, one of which is extreme and unrelenting exhaustion. 

There are many types of exhaustive conditions - here are just a few examples of the ones that I help people with:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Post viral fatigue syndrome
  • CFS/ME
  • Emotional burnout
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Compassion fatigue

Exhaustive conditions generally involve groups of associated symptoms which occur simultaneously. These can include digestive problems, sleep disorders, allergies, sensitivities to food or medications, emotional health concerns, constant pain, and auto-immune conditions.

You will come across many different approaches to dealing with chronic exhaustive conditions - and these will depend largely upon a persons worldview, background, and own individual experience. The important thing if you want to regain your health, is that you work with someone who has a similar approach to health as you do.

It's important to be aware that fatigue is a generically used term.  It can be used to refer to a symptom, or to a diagnosis.  Sometimes fatigue can result from a direct physical ailment. So, it's always important to get checked out by your doctor to eliminate any underlying medical issues.

But generally speaking, the cascade of symptoms that is experienced in chronic exhaustive conditions is directly related to stress. This may due to a sudden event which triggers the onset of illness - like the  physical impact of a virus, or the fallout from an emotional trauma.

More commonly, it occurs as a result of long-term stress. Common triggers are long-term anxiety, worry, or unresolved trauma. Or habits which maintain high levels of stress - like constant busyness, always putting others first, or having an unhealthy work-life balance.

It is this group of people that I work with - heart-centred people who are trying to help others in the world, and in doing so inadvertently damage their own health.

The good news is that if you have the right mindset, there is much that you can do to take control of your symptoms, and it is entirely possible to regain your long-term health. I know this because I've done it myself.



The impact of fatigue, burnout, and exhaustion

Perhaps you are reading this because you already have a diagnosis of chronic fatigue.  Or maybe you suspect you are suffering from fatigue or burnout, but aren't really sure?

Either way, you are likely to be well aware of the symptoms and impact that feeling exhausted all the time has on you.

Chronic conditions tend to be like a drop of water falling into a pond - they have a ripple effect out into all areas of your life....



First of there's the impact on your health.  Despite being very health conscious, many people still have ongoing issues with fatigue. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Not being able to sleep properly even though you are so very tired
  • Suffering from unexplained symptoms like digestive issues, allergies, or food sensitivities
  • Trying to push through the tiredness, do more exercise, and get your energy levels up, but to no avail
  • Suffering from a range of issues like dizziness, palpitations, menstrual or hormonal changes



Then there's the mental and emotional impact...

  • Constant stress, worry, and overthinking
  • Emotional upheaval - depression, anxiety, despair, or frustration
  • Increasing loneliness and isolation
  • Fear - about your health, life, and future



Plus the other effects on everything else in your life...

  • Trying to explain to other people about how you feel, but they don't really 'get it'?
  • Worries about your ability to work, and the financial impact of this
  • Constant pressure and strain on your relationships with partner, family, and friends
  • Decreased social contact with others as you try to accommodate for your condition


Exhaustive conditions are highly complex in nature. They are impacted by mental, emotional, environmental, and lifestyle issues, not just physiology. As such, they need to be approached differently, with a holistic approach getting much better results than focusing on one single aspect of the condition.

Heart-centred people and exhaustive conditions...

Empaths, carers, therapists, and spiritually-aligned people, are all at an increased risk of experiencing chronic fatigue conditions because they are naturally very giving and supportive individuals. Heart-centred people generally tend to have a range of fabulous traits - like being conscientious, highly driven, and very compassionate. But these qualities can often come with a high price on your own health.

There is a very specific set of wellbeing needs for heart-centred people which are often not adequately addressed within a mainstream framework of health. As a result, this group of people can be left feeling frustrated, left with feeling of personal failure - as if somehow it is their fault that they have become unwell.

Aspects of life such as personal or spiritual values, energetic sensitivity, emotional trauma, or relationship patterns, are all major contributors in the development and management of chronic exhaustive conditions. Yet they are rarely, if ever, discussed or given any real acknowledgement within medical discussions about long-term exhaustion, and how to manage it effectively.

It is so important to address these aspects of life if you want to regain your life and long-term health. To do this, you need someone who understands the specific issues that you are dealing with, and who can guide you through the process.

The mind-body connection and chronic illness

The first thing to note about chronic health conditions  is that they are complex.  If you think about an acute health issue, you will notice that it often has a single, easily-identifiable cause, like an infection, a specific physical malfunction, or an injury. In this case,  interventions like medication or surgery can produce immediate and significant results. In contrast, chronic conditions involve a complex combination of influencing factors.

First of all, your body is directly affected by your mind. So, things like stress, emotional triggers, thoughts, and mindset, all have a direct impact on your physicality.  For example stress has effects upon your cardiovascular function, hormone levels, and biochemistry.

In addition, your mental and emotional health is also directly impacted by your physical functioning. for example, people who are in constant pain will often also experience problems like heightened anxiety, frustration, depression, or an decreasing ability to cope with life.

You cannot separate your mind from your body - they do not work independently from one another.  In my personal opinion, this is no more clearly seen than within chronic exhaustive conditions.


So, what next?

The good news is that exhaustion and fatigue can be improved.

The important thing to note here is that recovery requires a certain mindset.  In order to improve your health, you must first have the motivation to develop a deeper understanding about how you interact with your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. You must also feel that you are ready to begin making some simple changes in your life.

Working with an experienced coach can help you to overcome fatigue, burnout, and stress-related illness more quickly and easily than trying to get through it yourself. Not only do you get step-by-step practical guidance which is relevant to you, but you also have access to ongoing support for the times when you need it.

I can help you learn how to:

  • Decrease symptoms like pain, sleep disorders, or anxiety
  • Use techniques for decreasing stress and anxiety
  • Develop a healthy approach to life-balance, boundaries, and pacing
  • Create health-supporting habits for long-term wellness
  • Heal and let go of emotional trauma and overwhelm
  • Take back control of your life and health, and still stay aligned with your personal values
  • Successfully increase your energy levels
  • Learn long-term strategies for preventing fatigue or burnout.


Recovery is a specialist skill...

Not all health practitioners are the same. They can have very different backgrounds, qualifications, and experience.

When you are joining a coaching programme, it's really important to find a practitioner who aligns with your values, personal goals, and approach to life. Otherwise you will be wasting a lot of time and effort - for both you and your practitioner. .

There are a lot of well-meaning therapists and coaches who include exhaustive conditions on their long list of things that they help with, but they don't actually have any specialist training or experience in this area. Please be aware of this when you are choosing your coach or therapist.

If you are really serious about improving your life, then it's important for you to find someone who actually understands chronic exhaustive conditions on a deeper level, and ideally also has a specialist qualification in this area of health.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, I am qualified in chronic fatigue conditions.  In addition to my medical qualifications, I am also an accredited Chrysalis Effect practitioner, and qualified mind-body therapist. I specialise in chronic exhaustive conditions -like CFS, ME and fibromyalgia, and I have been working with people who have exhaustive conditions for over 7 years now.

Perhaps most importantly, I also have personal experience of recovery from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.  So,  not only can I relate to what you are going through, I have the skills to take you through the process of recovery, and to get through the obstacles that you will encounter along the way.  After all, can you ever really know what something is like, and teach others,  if you haven't experienced it yourself?

Here's who I help...

The group of people who I can be of most help to generally belong to these categories:

You are an empath, healer, or a highly sensitive person. 

You are struggling to thrive because you are picking up on the emotions and energies of other people. You need guidance on how to manage your trait, to recover your wellbeing, or to understand the deeper spiritual implications of your sensitivity.

You are a care provider for others. 

This might be either in a professional capacity - maybe you are a therapist or counsellor. Or you are looking after a family member, and you are struggling to cope and to stay well yourself.  So, whilst you love what you do, your own health is beginning to suffer, and you feel exhausted and emotionally drained.

You are a heart-centred person who is also interested in personal/spiritual growth. 

An active interest in developing self-awareness is an important part of being ready for change.  It also helps if you feel ready to take back control of your life, and to make whatever changes which are necessary to prioritise your own wellbeing.

So, if you are interested in getting support for overcoming chronic pain, fatigue, burnout, or an exhaustive condition, you are welcome to contact me to discuss what you need help with.

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