Support for:

Improving your health and wellbeing

Changing health-related lifestyle habits; like smoking, diet, or exercise

Integrating mindfulness and holistic therapies into your life

A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellbeing

Many of us go though life feeling ok, but never really achieving the level of wellness that we are really looking for.

By making simple changes to your life, you can reap great rewards. When you begin living a truly holistic way of life, you can reduce stress, feel more relaxed, and finally reach the levels of wellbeing that you have been looking for...


Identify what needs to change...

The first step to experiencing great health is to clarify precisely what you want to change and why. Determining your outcome is important...

  • Would you like to learn how to quickly stop feeling panic and overwhelm using simple techniques?
  • Perhaps you would feel better if you knew how to release the emotional tension being held in your body?
  • Or to learn how to use natural therapies to relieve symptoms like pain, inflammation, digestive issues or insomnia.
  • How would you feel if you were able to easily tap into a level of deep inner peace whenever you want?
  • Or to have the skills to easily deal with any difficult situation which came up in your life?
  • Or to create new health-supporting lifestyle habits?

Being able to identify what you want to improve is essential for creating a healthier life.

holistic health coach

A quick introduction to health coaching

Not sure what holistic health coaching is? Coaching is a well-established therapy in many parts of the world, and the benefits of coaching are now being increasingly recognised, studied, and implemented within the NHS and the UK, with these changes being driven by government initiatives to address chronic illness more effectively.

In essence, health coaching is a talking-based therapy which helps people to integrate new habits into their life. The primary way that it differs from other therapies, is that it is focused on making practical, real-life changes which improve your well-being and quality of life. It is an action-based therapy which concentrates on getting you real results.

The term 'holistic health' simply refers to the approach which practitioners take, which is based on the principle of wholeness. In essence, it means that your health is influenced by every aspect of your personal experience, and so to improve your health you need to take account of all aspects of your life.

First, you need to consider your inner experiences - things like your emotions, physical functioning, levels of stress, thoughts and beliefs. Second, how you perceive and interact with the world around you. For example, how you are impacted by cultural norms, spiritual beliefs, habits or behaviours, and your relationships with other people.


Some things you may want to know about holistic approaches to health...

  • Holistic approaches to wellness focus on the person, rather than the model or practice
  • Many holistic practices are based on a fundamentally different view of mind-body interaction than is used in medical models
  • They often place a higher level of importance on emotional and energetic aspects than the physiological (and externally measurable) components of health
  • High quality holistic practitioners will usually be qualified in a range of therapies - which they can combine to get you maximum results

Creating better health and wellbeing

Long-term health is influenced by a range of inter-connected factors: your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, relationships, finances, and habits, to name just a few. Every aspect of your life has a direct impact on your health and well-being, whether you are aware of this or not.

Your mind ultimately has the most fundamental effect on each of these aspects of wellness. So the area of health on which I focus primarily is the mind-body connection. I can help you to explore your mind and it's relationship to these areas of health:

  • Integrating mindfulness or meditation to help quiet an overactive mind
  • Understanding the nature of your thoughts and beliefs, and how they impact your daily life
  • How the mind-body connection impacts healing and restoration of health
  • Transforming your relationship with food, exercise, stress, and other key areas of health
  • Using simple therapies at home for relaxation and wellbeing
  • How to actually keep a healthy balance in all areas of your life
  • Learning practical techniques for dealing with stress and overwhelming emotions


A few common problems with making changes to your health

Unfortunately, making health-related changes is not as easy as simply knowing what to do.

Whilst many people are told that they need to make lifestyle changes - perhaps lose weight, stop worrying, or do more exercise - this does not often result in actual change.

Let's look at how this plays out...

First of all, there is a vast amount of information available about health these days - perhaps too much. The result is that there are lots of different viewpoints available, and this can be both overwhelming, and confusing. Plus there's the additional problem that knowledge does not automatically create change. If it did, we would all act in our best interests all the time, and be super-healthy.

But the reality is that unfortunately, no matter how much well-meaning information you may be given by your health practitioner, you are still left with the same underlying thoughts, beliefs, and habits which you had to begin with.  Often these conflict directly with what is the healthiest thing to do.  So, until you develop a deeper level of self-awareness into the things which keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns,, and learn how to actively create new habits, nothing will change.  To do this requires being a bit more creative and insightful than simply reading about health.

Change is difficult because when you change a habit, you are essentially changing who you are as a person. This can make you feel weird, uneasy, and it can also be downright scary. It can also bring up a range of thoughts and emotions which you just don't expect, or don't know how to deal with. Yet, too often, these aspects of change are often overlooked.  This in turn can result in being caught up in a cycle of feelings of failure, a lack of motivation, and deteriorating self-esteem.

So, how can coaching help to change this pattern?


How health and wellbeing coaching can help...

Perhaps one of the most helpful benefits of having a private health coach is that you get a suitable amount of time to work through what you are dealing with on a much deeper level. This depth of one-to-one support is not usually available within mainstream healthcare.

When you have coaching sessions with a suitably qualified and experienced practitioner, you can develop a much deeper level of self-insight into why you have developed certain health-related habits, or patterns of relating with life, and why you are still continuing them. This insight, together with ongoing support, is fundamental to being able to create successful change.

With this in mind, here are a few of the ways that health coaching can help you to improve your quality of life:

  • Learn how to deal with difficult emotions, relationships, and situations
  • Use mindfulness practices to quiet your mind, and develop self-insight
  • Overcome unhelpful thought or behaviour patterns permanently
  • Make lifestyle changes to improve your long-term health
  • Integrate healthier habits into your life - like diet, exercise, relaxation, or work-life balance.
  • Learn how to use simple holistic therapy techniques at home - like acupressure, massage, or aromatherapy
health coaching

My holistic health consultations can help you with...

Developing habits for healthy living

  • Changing your diet, work, or exercise patterns
  • Practicing mindfulness and meditation techniques
  • Learning how to use simple therapies at home

Improving emotional health

  • Getting through difficult circumstances or situations
  • Reducing stress, worry, or anxiety
  • Learning practical ways to overcome emotional overwhelm

Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Recognise, and deal with symptoms of stress
  • Stop overthinking and constant mind chatter
  • Learn practical tools for dissolving stress

1-to-1 Support Programme

for Holistic Health & Wellbeing

I offer a specialist coaching programme for people who want to improve their health and wellbeing.

Coaching programmes focus on getting you the results that you want within a specific period of time.

They are available online from any location.



A series of either 6 or 12 coaching sessions

Your own individual roadmap, with personal action plans for each session

Record your progress in your own online coaching portal

Specialist advice and guidance for your situation

Access to email support throughout your programme



3 - 6 month programme, with 6 x consultations - £360

6 - 12 month programme, with 12 x consultations - £660 (save £60)

* monthly payment plans are available


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