How to Start Aligning Inspiration and Action

Using Inspiration to Fulfil Your Life Purpose

Inspiration is the foundation for everything which comes into existence. Before we create things - products, ideas, relationships, or situations - we first have the intention or desire for that to happen.

Connecting with inspiration is an essential skill for anyone who is on a path of personal growth or self-awareness. Inspiration is the pre-cursor to intention, and this in turn leads to creativity and change.

So how do you remain open to inspiration and stay on track with your life purpose?

Here are four things you need to do:

1 - Quiet your mind

It's easy to stay locked in your thoughts. To intellectualise life, worry about what may or may not happen, to go over things from the past, and to project your fears into the future.

But when we live in our minds, we lose touch with our innermost knowing. We become disconnected from ourselves, and from the natural cycles of life. We stop being open to inspiration and become stuck in our own thoughts and egoic concerns.

To change this pattern, we need to let go of worry, anxiety, and overthinking. To quiet our mind so that we can make the mental space for inspiration to arise, and to be quiet enough to hear it.


2 - Open your heart

The next step after quieting your mind, is to become more open to the experience of life. To begin to really connect with your feelings, intuition, and soul, instead of being ruled by your mind.

Re-connecting with life on an existential level, is the key to also becoming more receptive to real inspiration. This requires a regular practice of attention. Mindfulness can help you to become more self-aware, and less reactive to the conditioning that you may have picked up throughout life.

Once you are able to let go of these patterns of thought, belief, and behaviour, you become more and more free to follow your real life purpose, without being governed by fear. This is the journey of the soul; to recognise your fullest potential in life and to be able to follow it, without being controlled by external circumstances.


3 - Pay attention to your ego

Becoming self-aware is a key part of the spiritual journey, and goes hand-in-hand with being able to tune in to your own intuitive knowing.

The process of recognising when you are acting from a place of ego and judgement is an ongoing process - it can evolve over many years.

The first step is to simply notice when you are acting out of a desire for outcomes which are based on your strong personal preference. Notice things that come up and observe them honestly. Are your intentions really based upon a desire for power? Do you want others to notice you? agree with your opinions? Or see you as a highly evolved person?

If so, your intentions may be coming from a more ego-based source, rather than true inspiration, which comes from a place of oneness and unity. A place where the wellbeing of all takes priority over ones own desires.


4 - Cultivate stillness

Becoming quiet is essential if you are to remain open to inspiration.

For some people, this takes the form of a regular meditation practice. Perhaps regularly sitting down, and making time for quiet reflection, and deliberately making space for your next actions to become clear.

Others may take a more informal approach, and integrate what is essentially a practice of mindfulness into their lives. To simply become more self-aware throughout each day, and in doing so, to become increasingly connected with their intuitive wisdom as they go through life.


Which ever path you take, becoming open and receptive to deeper inspiration, will support you in becoming aligned with your real purpose in life, and better equipped to be of service to others.