Align With Your Life Purpose and Find Happiness

Align with Your Life Purpose

Do you feel out of sync with life? Maybe you have a low level of unease and life does not seem to have any meaning? Or perhaps you feel like you are drowning in the monotony of working in a job that you hate, and you just want to enjoy life again. If so, you many need to align with your life purpose.

Your life purpose does not automatically present itself to you, nor will it necessarily be obvious to you what it is. In order to establish what will bring you the most happiness in life, it's important to develop clarity about your life purpose. Here are a few key pointers to help...

1 - Determine what is important to you

The first step to aligning with your life purpose is to determine what brings you deep levels of joy and contentment.

I don't mean this in a superficial way - where you feel temporarily happy for a short amount of time. Like when you watch a film, or an inspirational video, and you feel a wave of desire, and then soon after, it is gone.

Your life purpose requires a deeper set of intentions and goals. Purpose relates to the overall meaning that you set for your life. This includes things like making a specific difference in the world, learning a specific set of skills, raising children in a particular way, or following a certain career path.

In order to do this, you need to sit down and identify exactly what is important to you. What are your values? What things do you aspire to achieve in life? What do enjoy doing that brings you a deep sense of joy?

Next, write down a list of things that feel essential for your happiness and enjoyment of life. Make this as detailed as you can. Then prioritise your list in order of what is most important to you. Notice what comes up... Are there are themes that run through your list? Any specific goals which are important? Or anything else which jumps out at you as being particularly relevant?

2 - Identify What Needs to Change

Once you have a list of your primary values and life goals, compare this to your current situation. How does your ideal situation compare to what you are experiencing now? What things are missing in your life? Where are you spending a lot of time on activities, or people, who do not align with your deepest values?

Then ask yourself - honestly - how this is impacting you right now? Is it making you feel tired all the time? As if life is passing you by? Or unfulfilled at a deep level? Complete honesty is important here.

In order to align with your life purpose, you first need to let go of any rose-tinted glasses, and see your life as it actually is. This will help you to set the intention for your life, and then follow it through with the actions needed to achieve your goals.

3 - Let go of what is not working

In order to align with your life purpose, you also need to let go of what is no longer working well in your life. This will create the space for something new to come in.

Letting go of something does not require you just to turn your back on it suddenly. Suddenly giving in your notice at work, or leaving a long term relationship, as a knee-jerk reaction to aligning with your purpose is not recommended. This will most likely result in overwhelm or severe anxiety...

The key to letting go of something is to simply change your focus of attention onto your desired goal. Then to systematically and purposefully work through the process of creating that change in your life. This will allow you to deal most effectively with the stages associated with any major change.

4 - Create what is missing from your life

The final step to aligning with your life purpose is to take action. There is a popular belief in some spiritual circles that if you simply set your intention, the life of your dreams will magically appear. But this simply is not true.

For example, if you want to begin a new career which is better aligned with who you are, then you need to actually make the changes required to create that in your life. So, you need to gain the qualifications or skills required , and then actively seek a position within your chosen area. If you simply sit at home with your intention, but take no action to align with your purpose, then nothing will change.

5 -Next steps...

So, why not begin to take action now? Grab a pen and paper , or a computer, and sit quietly for half an hour to really consider what is most important in your life. Write down the steps you need to take to align with your purpose. Then make those changes...

If you are still struggling to get the clarity you want, then book in for a coaching session with me, and we can work through it together. Your life purpose is the very foundation of who you are, on which other areas of your life are built, so it's important to get it right. I wish you every success on your journey.