Daniella Saunders

Health Coach, Philosopher, Spiritual Counsellor


Daniella Saunders

Health Coach, Philosopher, Spiritual Counsellor

Coaching Programmes

Booking Your Appointment

I offer a FREE introductory 20 minute session, a Discovery Call, for people who want to discuss their situation in more detail, and decide whether coaching is a good fit for them. It's a great opportunity to gain insight into your situation,  so that you can begin to take the first steps to improving your health. 

For anyone with chronic health conditions or high sensitivity, there is a minimum requirement to sign up for the Sapphire Programme.  This includes 6 x 1-hour consultations plus 5 optional clarity calls (10-15 minute check-ins) between each session, so that you have continuous support if you need it.  Most people access their sessions over a 6 month period so that they can take advantage of the extended period of support, but an intensive programme over 3 months is also available.

All chronic conditions, by their very nature, require ongoing attention if you want to see long lasting and significant improvements.  The emotional patterns which underlie chronic conditions have taken a lifetime to become habitual in your life, so it can take a little time to change them permanently - but it's worth it! The Amethyst Programme is ideal because it covers all the essential elements that are important for lasting change, and it provide you with plenty of one-to-one support throughout this entire process.

All one-to-one consultations are available by online video call, so you can access your consultations from any location which has internet access. I know that when you are feeling ill, and can't get out of bed, it can make it very difficult to get to appointments, so hopefully this should help.

Here's how to book:

Please note that advance payment is required prior to booking consultations.

Step 1: If you would like to book in for a consultation programme, the first step is to place your payment directly via the shop page, or follow the links on this page to set up the payment plan options.

Step 2: Next, please send me an email to let me know roughly which days and times you are available, so that we can schedule your appointment.

Step 3: Once we have agreed your first consultation time, I will send you an email link to access our video call.  I find that it's usually easier to arrange your next sessions during our initial consultation, so please have your diary to hand to make this a little easier.

Individual Consultations

Clarity call

Discovery Call: Free

Introductory 20 minute session

This is an introductory session for people who are unsure whether coaching is a good fit for them.

This 20 minute session will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your situation, and get some basic insight as to what recovery path will be most helpful for you. I will give you honest advice about  what type of therapist would be most helpful in your situation.  A clarity call is not a sales pitch, nor a coaching session.  It's a genuine opportunity to help you take the first steps to improving your health, and providing you with guidance as to what are the best next steps for you to take.

Coaching Programmes

Chronic conditions are complex, and require coaching on multiple levels, like relationships, nutrition or life skills. The habits that we create in our lives have often taken many years, or even decades, to evolve. So it's not surprising that it may take a little while to reverse them.  So, longer programmes have the highest success rate because they provide ongoing guidance and a deeper level of insight over an extended period of time.  This helps to consolidate new healthier habits and fully integrate them into your life.

For some of the coaching consultation programmes, there is a recommended guide for subjects to be covered in each of the weekly sessions. You can adjust these to suit your own requirements if you prefer.

All consultation programmes include tailored coaching exercises and/or recommended reading for completion between sessions. These will vary according to what is appropriate for you at the time. So it's useful to think of these coaching programmes not as a series of individual sessions, but as an ongoing and consistent practice of change and personal development.

Bespoke Consultations

Notes about Coaching Programmes

  • I have a minimum requirement that people with chronic health conditions sign up for the Sapphire Programme, ideally over 6 months.
  •  prefer to use video calls for my consultations because it is a little more personal, and I also find that it improves communication if we can see each other. I use Zoom for all my online consultations - when you book a session, I will send you an email link which you click to join our meeting at the arranged time and date.
  • I recommend that anyone with chronic fatigue conditions or long term-illness enrols on the Amethyst Programme, because having 12 months of ongoing support will be the most beneficial for you.
  • If you would like to have coaching sessions for anything other than chronic illness, then I also provide 3, 6, 9, or 12 consultation programmes at £70 per month.  Simply send me an email to book if you would prefer to have either 3 or 9 sessions, and I will arrange it for you.
  • For all coaching programmes, consultations are usually held at 4 weekly intervals, with optional interim clarity calls, so you can access support on a 2-weekly basis.
  • If you prefer, you can choose an intensive journey for the Sapphire or Amethyst Programmes, where you have your main 1-hour consultation every 2 weeks, and if you include the clarity calls, this will give you weekly support. Please email me to book this option.
Sapphire Coaching Programme

Sapphire Coaching Programme

For: Any Aspect of Wellness, Chronic Fatigue, Stress Reduction, Personal Development, Spiritual Wisdom,  Emotional Support, Long-term Health Conditions, Intuitive Sensitivity, Health & Well-Being


6 month duration



Well-being assessment

Initial 90 minute consultation

5 x one-to-one coaching consultations (1 hour)

5 x optional clarity calls between sessions (10-15 mins)

Personalised coaching exercises

Recommended reading

Step-by step wellness action plan


1 x payment of £390 (save £30)


6 x monthly payments of £70


Suggested Programme

Session 1:  Full assessment and personal recovery plan

Session 2:  Nutrition and digestive health

Session 3:  Mental well-being and mindfulness

Session 4:  Releasing stress and anxiety

Session 5:  Developing healthy relationships

Session 6:  Energy management and boundaries


Payment links for Sapphire Programme

Please note that subscription links will require you to have a Pay Pal account.

Amethyst Coaching Programme 10

Amethyst Coaching Programme

For: Personal Development, Emotional health, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, High Sensitivity, Spiritual Connection, Emotional Support, Long Term Illness, Health & Well-Being


12 month duration



Well-being assessment

Initial 90 minute consultation

11 x one-to-one coaching consultations (1-hour)

11 x optional clarity calls, for support between main sessions (10-15 mins)

Personalised coaching exercises

Recommended reading

Step-by step wellness action plans


1 x payment of £780 (save £60)


12 x monthly payments of £70


Recommended Programme

Session 1: Beginning your journey to wellness

Session 2: Nutrition and digestive health

Session 3: Mental well-being and mindfulness

Session 4: Releasing stress and anxiety

Session 5: Developing healthy relationships

Session 6: Energy management and boundaries

Session 7: Core beliefs and identity

Session 8: Emotional wellness

Session 9: Meaning, purpose and values

Session 10: Developing life skills

Session 11: Overcoming fear and limitation

Session 12:  Well-Being Mastery


Payment Links for Amethyst Programme

Please follow the links to the shop for a single payment, or to join a payment subscription plan (requires Pay Pal account).

Follow-Up Consultations

If you have completed a full coaching programme, and you feel that you need ongoing support for a longer period of time, I also provide shorter, follow-up consultations, so that you still have access to ongoing support and guidance if you feel that you need it.  Please note that these sessions are available only for people who have already completed a minimum of 6 full consultations.

Follow-Up Consultation

Progress Consultations:

Available exclusively for people who have completed a minimum of the Sapphire Programme (6 full consultations)

Individual 40 minute session: £35


Course of 6 x 40 minute sessions: £195 (save £15)

Ongoing support for people who have completed a minimum of 6 full consultations, and so have already covered all the main issues in depth. These shorter sessions are designed for you to access ongoing guidance if you feel you need it.

Progress consultations are for times when you need extra support to deal with any flare-up of symptoms, emotional challenges, ongoing family dynamics, or any other life challenge or situation which crops up. They are also designed to make sure you do not become isolated once you have completed your programme, and you know that you have one-to-one support available if you need it.

If you don't feel ready to book a one-to-one consultation, why not join the Enlightened Health Newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to receive info and discounts for group coaching and online courses as they become available.