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There is a direct relationship between health and wisdom. The amount of wisdom you develop in life, the less stress you are susceptible to, and the more able you become to experience real wellbeing. So, personal growth is an important aspect of improving your life and health.


So, how exactly does your health relate to wisdom and insight? Well, your ability to control your mind, and reduce the negative effects that it can heave on your physical well-being, is central to good health.

On a practical level, wisdom involves deeper levels of self-awareness, insight into how you are impacted by your environment, life skills to help you deal with difficult situations, and spiritual awakening to help you feel more aligned with life itself.


Wisdom for optimum wellbeing

Everything that you experience in life is seen through the filter of your own perception. Even the way we perceive simple things like colours can vary from one person to another.

When it come to external situations, like interpreting the motivations or behaviour of other people, or what we value and find important, our own personal perception is an essential component. This is why you can take any single situation, and have it be interpreted in multiple ways, each relating to that persons experiences, beliefs, and judgements.

When you are constantly at the mercy of your own thoughts, emotions, and habits, it is easy to inadvertently get caught up in a spiral of dwindling health where stress, fatigue, anxiety, and exhaustion can take hold.

Whilst regularly experiencing problems like fear, anxiety, depression, or worry simply sucks the enjoyment out of life, and stops you from feeling truly happy.

But when you learn how to master your mind, you find the key to own inner wellness.  Instead of reacting to life, you get to choose how to respond. The more that you are able to remain centred and unruffled by external events, the more able you become to experience more happiness and contentment in life.

Wisdom and wellbeing go hand-in-hand because the more able we are to see life as it actually is, and to navigate it effectively, the more able we become to remain at peace with any situation in life. Which in turn improves our experience of well-being.


Choosing the right path for you...

Before you begin to focus on personal growth, it is important to recognise that there are real differences between approaches to health, and then align yourself with something which fits with your own experience and personal values.

It's common for people to inadvertently increase their levels of stress through trying to fit into a particular view of health, or participating in a specific therapy,  even though they don't feel that it is helping them. Whilst there are many factors which influence this problem, the first step to improving your own level of wellness is to begin by aligning yourself with a model of health which feels right for you.

So, if you feel aligned with a model of health which focus primarily on physicality, follow that route.  And if you feel more drawn to a more holistic health model, then align yourself with that.


Coaching for personal growth

Getting support can be very helpful for reaching higher levels of wellbeing, especially when it comes to issues within personal growth.

Here are a few examples of concerns which people often feel are preventing them from reaching better levels of wellbeing:

  • Low levels of self esteem and confidence
  • Financial concerns and lack of wealth
  • Social anxiety or a fear of being fully 'seen'
  • Difficulties in navigating conflict
  • Procrastination or lack of motivation

Each of these issues, and many more, occur as a result of the experiences that we have previously encountered in life. Our past experiences are the foundation for all our beliefs, habits, and behaviour patterns. So, developing insight into how these are been created is an essential part of change.


Get the support and guidance that you need

But insight does not automatically create change. You must also bridge the gap between your current experience and where you want to be. This requires action, and it is this which can prove to be challenging.

This is where coaching comes in to it's own as an extremely valuable resource.

Whilst you begin to create the changes you want to make in your life, you will no doubt encounter multiple challenges, and each of these also needs to be explored and changed, in order for you to reach your goals. Otherwise the result will likely be failure.

Knowledge alone does not create the transformation that you seek.

Change is a process... It can often require someone who has the objectivity to see what needs to change, in order to be successful. To help guide you, provide emotional support, accountability, and encouragement.

Then there is also the element of deeper cultural insight, and this is what is often missing from most coaching sessions. Remember, the deeper the level of wisdom you can access, the more wellbeing you can access.

Coaching for personal growth and wisdom


The keys to successful change and transformation

Attract loving and healthy relationships

Live a life of abundance and prosperity

Develop real self-confidence and authenticity

Explore how cultural norms can impact your health

Create habits for health and happiness

Change the relationship with your mind

Let go of worry about the opinions of others

Change your learnt patterns of thought and behaviour

Explore the concept of acceptance, and when to take action

Develop New Skills for a Better Life...

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