Philosophy for Health

Embodied wisdom is the path to wellbeing

Philosophy for Health

Your philosophy for health is your unique perspective about life, wellbeing, and how you choose to be in the world.

It incorporates your values, beliefs, ethics, spirituality, purpose, and your views about the nature of life itself.

Your philosophy guides both your own wellbeing, and is the foundation on which your professional services are built.

Integrating Wisdom and Wellbeing

Developing your philosophy for health 

Your philosophy for health refers to two main things: First is your general outlook on life and health, and how you approach wellness.
Second, is the active process of contemplating life in more detail, so that you can let go of false beliefs, develop more clarity, and act in the best interests of both yourself and others. This is the journey of self-realization through health.

Embodied wisdom for optimising your personal wellbeing

Wisdom is an evolving process which incorporates many different elements. It is not something which is purely intellectual or learning-based, but a practical embodiment and lived experience of the things that you learn about life and health.

Many health and wellbeing issues are related either directly or indirectly to high levels of stress.  Just to clarify, stress is often experienced as the tension between how a situation is currently presenting, and how you would like it to be. Chronic stress is associated with a wide range of experiences which negatively impact wellbeing; from chronic health conditions, to anxiety and emotional distress, relationship difficulties, self-esteem problems, spiritual crisis, and a general dissatisfaction with life.

By committing to a path of evolving wisdom, you can begin to erode many of these underlying issues which result from stress, and reduce the impact that it has on your life and health.  All whilst simultaneously increasing the level of meaning, purpose, happiness, and wellbeing that you experience.

Some of the things which can help you in this process of integrating wisdom and wellbeing include:

  • Dissolving stress-related triggers
  • Developing insights into consciousness
  • Learning skills to increase resilience
  • Finding answers to questions about life
  • Exploring cultural impacts on health
  • Developing deeper self-awareness
  • Challenging core beliefs & habits
  • Finding your authentic spiritual path
  • Moving past emotional trauma
  • Getting clarity on your own values
  • Letting go of past mental conditioning
  • Dealing with suffering, loss & death

Coaching can help you to move through this process with more ease, but in a very overcrowded wellbeing space it can be difficult to find the right coach for you. One of the main reasons that people who are already on a path of personal growth become stuck is that there are so many different opinions that it becomes overwhelming and confusing.

The real issue here is that many of these opinions are socially-created viewpoints, so they may not apply for people who are on a spiritual path. When you reach a certain level of insight, you begin to develop an awareness that much advice does not make sense, and you are left feeling confused or frustrated.

The answer to this problem is to find a coach who can help you explore life on an existential level, because this is the deepest level of understanding. This is the process of self-realization or awakening.  It's the key to being able to experience inner contentment, no matter what external experiences may be showing up in your life.

Evolving wisdom for wellbeing service providers

Integrating wisdom and wellbeing is essential for any practitioner who wants to grow a professional and high quality practice. After all, you can only teach and support other people to the extent that you understand something yourself.

There are a number of problems which often arise for people who provide wellbeing services for others, and which cause them to seek deeper answers about life and health.

First, people who provide wellbeing services for others are often exposed regularly to the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering of the people that they work with.  This can lead to deeper questions about life health, and existence which are not a primary focus of mainstream healthcare. Here are a few typical examples: Why does suffering exist? Is there a God? What happens after death? What is the meaning of life?

Another issue which may arise is the move towards a more holistic way of approaching health. Many practitioners go through life never questioning the physicalist or dualistic approach to health that they have been taught. Others may encounter experiences which do not align well with the things they have learnt. This could be a range of things; experiencing personal illness, bereavement, loss, or receiving therapy themselves.  Or it could be simply an intuitive recognition of the things which are being omitted - energetic awareness, different approaches to understanding the mind, or spiritual experiences which do not fit in a mainstream model.

This is where I can help. I take people from having a socially-orientated understanding of health to an existentially-based one. A path which is based upon consciousness as the primary foundation of life, and where wider influences on health and wellbeing are also recognised and accounted for.  

Many people who are on this path are also interested in the spiritual wisdom traditions, like Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism.  However this is not a requirement, as many people are also on a path of self-evolution, without any particular spiritual component. What everyone shares is a heart-centred approach to health and wellbeing, and a desire to optimise your own life, in order to support the growth of the community.

Developing Your Unique Philosophy for Health

Here are a few things I can help you explore for integrating wisdom & wellbeing...

  • Worldviews about health & healing
  • De-conditioning the mind for wellbeing
  • Insights into life, death, & illness
  • Social & cultural influences on health
  • Metaphysics of mind, health, existence
  • Problems with language & perception
  • Ethics and control in healthcare
  • Financial versus heart-centred services
  • The benefits & limitations of science
  • Optimising mindset, beliefs, & habits
  • Spiritual awakening & enlightenment
  • Knowledge, reason & holistic health

The 7 Elements of Enlightened Health

All my 1-1 coaching programmes focus on these 7 elements of Enlightened Health.

Exploring each of these areas in turn will take you through your unique journey from stress and illness, through a process of personal healing,
and then to self-realization.

Some people have coaching for one element of this journey - perhaps to overcome burnout or exhaustion and improve their own health.  Others choose to move systematically through any current mental and emotional obstacles on a path of personal transformation.
Whilst individuals who are on a spiritual path may choose to focus on exploring the nature of awakening, consciousness, and self-realization.

Each journey is uniquely yours, and our coaching sessions support your own individual path.

Who I Work With

I usually work with people who are already on a committed path of personal or spiritual growth,
and who have a genuine interest in these topics...

  • Wellbeing for empaths
  • Personal growth & mindset
  • Embodied wisdom
  • Spirituality & religion
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Holistic health 
  • Mind & consciousness
  • Philosophical questions
  • Mind-body therapies
  • Mindfulness & meditation
  • Self-realization
  • Heart-centred living

Daniella Saunders - Specialist in Mind-Body Health

Support for evolving wisdom and wellbeing

Having studied the mind-body connection for over thirty-five years, I now provide support for heart-centred people who have a genuine interest in exploring the interaction between mind, consciousness, healing, spirituality, and wellness.

My specialist interest is in the relationship between embodied wisdom and wellbeing. I believe that the more we understand the fundamental nature of mind, consciousness, and life itself, the more resilient we become, and the greater levels of wellbeing we can experience.

Throughout my own journey, I have evolved through working as a Registered Nurse with additional experience in health promotion, and working as a holistic health therapist and coach, I've also completed Masters and Honours degrees in Philosophy, Spirituality, and Health.

If you are interested in working with me, and you have questions that you want to ask, you can contact me here...

Coaching for Heart-Centred Wellbeing Service Providers

This section of my website is for anyone who provides wellbeing services, and who wants to learn about holistic health, increasing energy levels, and personal or spiritual growth.

I work with a wide range of people - including nurses, social workers, caregivers, counsellors, all types of therapists, and anyone who provides wellbeing products or services for others.

I also work online, so you can access support from any location, so long as you have a computer and good internet access.

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