Amethyst Programme: 6 or 12 Months


The Amethyst standard programme is a series of 12 x 1 hour consultations which is designed to provide ongoing support for people experiencing chronic health conditions including: stress, anxiety, emotional challenges, high sensitivity, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.


The Amethyst Programme contains a series of 12 one-to-one consultations (1 hour) held over either 6 or 12 months.

The Amethyst Programme is ideal for anyone who has long-term health conditions because it covers all the issues which underlie chronic stress, fatigue or illness, high sensitivity or related conditions. Having support over a longer period provides you with ongoing personal guidance, and a step by step programme designed to help you improve your specific health and wellness issues.

Standard option: one consultation every 4 weeks

Intensive option: one consultation every 2 weeks

Suitable for:
Ongoing support for people who have a chronic health condition
Emotional health: stress, trauma, anxiety, worry, depression, fear-based issues
Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, autoimmune or stress-related conditions
Wellness support for people who have high levels of intuitive or spiritual sensitivity
Ongoing support for any aspect of personal or spiritual development

Payment Options:
1 x payment via this shop
Or: enrol on a monthly payment plan on the Pricing and Subscriptions page.