Ruby Programme: 3 Month Duration


The Ruby programme provides you with support over a 3 month period.  It is for short-term issues including any aspect of behaviour change like stopping smoking or changing your diet or exercise habits. This programme is also suitable for dealing with an acute situation which you are finding challenging, or any aspect of personal or spiritual development.


A series of 3 x 1-hour one-to-one consultations over a 3 month period. 

Suitable for:

Support for dealing with a short-term situation
Making lifestyle changes: stop smoking, improve diet or begin exercising
Developing new life skills: confidence, assertiveness, improving self-esteem
Well-being support for highly intuitive or spiritually sensitive people
Reducing acute stress, anxiety or worry
Any aspect of personal or spiritual development

Payment Options:

Either 1 x payment via this shop

Or enrol on a monthly payment plan on the Pricing and Subscriptions page.