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Daniella Saunders

Health Coach, Philosopher, Spiritual Counsellor


Daniella Saunders

Health Coach, Philosopher, Spiritual Counsellor

Personal Growth and Transformation

Areas that I help people with:

Improving your close relationships and attracting an emotionally healthy partner

Overcome addictive and compulsive behaviours

Learn how to deal effectively with dysfunctional family dynamics

Develop a healthy lifestyle and create change in any area of your life

Improve your financial experience by releasing blocks to wealth and abundance

Learning life skills to make your life flow well; finances, communication,  alignment with life purpose

Moving beyond self-limiting beliefs and actions, so that you achieve the life that you want

Develop personal and spiritual awareness, wisdom and clarity

Developing wisdom and recognising the fundamental nature of life versus man-made beliefs

Become more self-assured, confident and assertive

Learn how to deal with criticism, conflict and other negative situations with grace and ease

Overcoming the fear of death, and developing an appreciation of life

Become more authentic and worry less about what other people think of you

Understanding the nature of consciousness, thoughts and experience

Feeling connected and present to life in each moment

Personal and Spiritual Transformation

Support for Personal and Spiritual Development

One-to-one support provides:

  • Objective, non-judgemental support
  • Professional support, expertise, plus step-by-step guidance specifically designed for you
  • Exercises and actions for you to complete to help you reach your well-being goals
  • Personal action plan to help you move beyond your current experience
  • Insight, clarity, and practical solutions for your specific circumstances
  • Access to a highly experienced and qualified professional
  • Opportunity to learn practical skills for life

Why Personal Transformation?


Feelings of unease and unhappiness with life, but you are not sure why

Relationships where you are putting in all the effort

Wanting to change your career but something is holding you back

Not having the support that you need from family and friends

Always being short of money and not having enough

Feeling not quite good enough in your life, job, or relationships

Not having enough confidence to do the things you want


Getting up every morning and looking forward to the day ahead

Having a supportive, kind and caring partner who values who you are

Being financially secure and not having to worry about money

Feeling confident, self-assured and happy with who you are

Being able to deal effectively with any difficult situation which comes up in life

Feeling aligned with your life purpose and knowing you make a difference

Experiencing life fully and with joy, no matter what your external circumstances

Why not make the first step to changing your life for the better today?

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