Online Coaching and Well-Being Services

Here's a quick outline of the areas of health that I can help you with...


Pain and symptoms

Change thoughts, beliefs & habits around pain

Natural therapies for pain management

Individual guidance and support

Meditation for pain management

Learn techniques for managing pain at home

Stress reduction

Improve your emotional resilience

Restore balance in all areas of life

Practical guidance for reducing stress or anxiety

Change underlying patterns

Overcome emotional burnout

Fatigue and fibromyalgia

Learn how to manage fibromyalgia pain

Increase your energy and vitality

Change stress-related patterns

Develop insight into exhaustive conditions

Specialist guidance for chronic fatigue & illness

Healthy living

Learn how to use simple therapies at home

Develop long-term healthy lifestyle habits

Use mindfulness techniques at home

Make changes to diet and exercise patterns

Integrate holistic practices into your life

Wisdom & well-being

Contemplate the deeper questions about life

Develop insight and self-awareness

Individual guidance for spiritual awakening

Understand how cultural norms impact you

Explore the nature of mind and consciousness