I’m Daniella, a holistic health consultant, and specialist in the mind-body connection.

I help soul-centred people to reduce stress-related health conditions, to heal their mind, body, and emotions, and to explore the nature of life.

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I’m Emilia and I’m here to help you grow your Hairstyling business to a success!

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The 3 Phases of

Enlightened Health





Exploring the relationship between chronic stress, fatigue, and illness.

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Integrating mindfulness and natural health practices into your life.

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Wisdom &



Evolving wisdom for transforming your experience of life.

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Hi - I'm Daniella. I've been helping people to improve their health for over three decades now, and during this time I have progressed from mainstream healthcare, qualified in several therapies, and  deepened my interest in exploring the mind-body connection.

Having recently completed degrees in philosophy of mind, spirituality and health,  I now focus primarily on these topics, and exploring the relationship between wisdom and wellbeing.

Now I help soul-centred people with a range of wellbeing concerns... from overcoming stress-related health conditions, to learning how to use therapies at home, developing skills for personal growth, and experiencing self-realization.

In essence, I can help you to improve your wellbeing by understanding the fundamental nature of the mind, and its relationship to spirituality, health, and chronic illness.

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Here are some of the things I can help you with...


Reducing stress, worry, and anxiety

Chronic fatigue, burnout, and exhaustion

Getting through difficult life situations

Healing your mind, body, and emotions

Changing your mindset and improving your life

Exploring wisdom, spirituality, and health

Understanding the nature of mind and consciousness

Developing spiritual awakening

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