I'm Daniella, founder of Enlightened Health, and a specialist in the mind-body connection.

I help soul-centred people with 2 areas of life: health and wisdom.

So, I can help you to reduce stress-related health conditions, manage difficult emotions, and improve your quality of life. Plus, I can help you to master your mind; both from the perspectives of personal growth, and also in exploring the nature of spirituality and consciousness.

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Holistic Health

Learn how to master your mind, heal your body, and experience your optimum levels of health....

Here's some of the things that we explore here:

  • How to reduce stress, fear, and anxiety
  • Guidance for developing emotional freedom
  • Using mindfulness and meditation practices
  • How to attract soul-centred people into your life
  • Health tips for empaths and heart-centred people

Evolving Wisdom

Develop your highest potential, transform your life, and connect with the deeper purpose of your soul.

Some aspects of wisdom that we explore:

  • How to deepen your levels of self-awareness
  • Learning skills which will transform your life
  • Exploring philosophical questions
  • Guidance for spiritual awakening
  • Exploring the nature of mind and consciousness

My Wellbeing Services...

Individual consultation
Online Discussion
coaching programmes
Comprehensive Change
Insight sessions
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Enlightened Health Blog

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Need some guidance or support?

I offer a range of specialist coaching programmes for heart-centred people who want to reduce stress or illness, develop self-awareness, and develop embodied wisdom

All consultations are held online, and are available from any location - you just need a computer and good internet access.

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