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Optimum Health

Optimum Health

Reduce stress, fatigue, and illness. Develop new life skills, insights, and healthy habits.

Holistic Therapies

Learn healing practices - mindfulness, healthy living, and therapies for mind-body health. 

Embodied Wisdom

Explore the nature of life, plus mind, thoughts, beliefs, spiritual growth, awakening and consciousness. 



Hi - I'm Daniella - a holistic health consultant and specialist in the mind-body connection.


I help heart-centred people to reduce stress-related health conditions and improve their wellbeing 


through a process of self-awareness, holistic healing, and embodied wisdom.




Are you looking for health and wellbeing support?

Do you want to experience less stress or illness, and to increase your levels of vitality?

To develop the self-confidence to deal with emotionally challenging situations with ease?

Or perhaps you want to integrate holistic practices into your life and don't know where to start?

Or you are on a path of personal or spiritual growth, and you need some help, guidance, or mentorship?


Do you belong in one of these groups?

I work with a variety of people, helping with a range of different wellbeing concerns - from chronic illness to spiritual awakening. However, the people who find my support programmes most useful are typically soul-centred individuals who want to learn more about life, spirituality, and health. They tend to fall into one of these groups:


1 - You are a heart-centred person who wants to reduce stress, fatigue, or chronic health issues:

Maybe you are an empath, healer, carer, counsellor, therapist, spiritual worker, or in a similar role, where you spend a lot of time helping others with their problems.

As a result, you are suffering with burnout, compassion fatigue, chronic illness, overwhelm, stress, or anxiety.

So, you want to improve your health.  But you also want to find someone who understands who you are as a person, and who will help you to find a long-term solution which aligns with your personal values.


2 - You want to take a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing:

Holistic health encompasses all aspects of health, not just the physical.  It takes into account things like emotions, habits, relationships, diet, exercise, spirituality, and the ease with which we are able to interact with the world around us.

This is a deeper approach to long-term wellbeing. It not only centres on you as an individual, but also takes into account how your health is impacted by your unique experiences in life.

Learning how to understand and control your mind, thoughts, and emotions on the deepest levels is the key to self-empowerment. When you can do this, you are less susceptible to stress-related illness, and you become able to navigate your life with ease.


3 - You are a wisdom seeker, and on a path of personal or spiritual growth:

If you are a seeker, you are no doubt already deeply insightful, self-aware, and feel inspired to make progress on your journey of self-realization.

You want to explore life on a deeper level, and have a soulful approach to self-development. But you may well have reached a point where your depth of insight feels at odds with the worldview around you.

I can help you to understand life at a deeper level, and to make real progress on your path of awakening wisdom.




Hi - I'm Daniella. I've been helping people to improve their health for over thirty years now, and during that time I have come to realise that wisdom is the best route to great health...

So many people suffer from stress-related health conditions, struggling with things like an overactive mind, emotional distress, or simply feeling overwhelmed by life.  This can eventually lead to ill health, burnout, fatigue, and a sense of simply surviving, instead of thriving.

Yet most aspects of wellbeing have the potential to be under our own control. We simply need to learn how to tap into our own intuitive knowing. To learn how to deal with anything life presents to us, no matter what situation we may find ourselves in.

This is where I can help - as a guide and mentor to help you experience your highest level of wellbeing. The journey that I take people on is a ultimately a process of awakening. A path which takes you from stress and illness, through mind-body healing, and into a place of inner wisdom.

Great health is a holistic process - one which involves exploring each area of your life, and bringing it into harmony and alignment. It involves learning new skills, integrating healing practices, and developing deep insights into who you really are.

Wellbeing is so much more than just physical functioning - it is founded upon your mind, body, emotions, habits, relationships, purpose, spirituality, beliefs, and so much more.  If you know this already, and to join me on the journey, then welcome - it's great to have you here.


Improving your life & health

Develop practices for optimum wellbeing:

  • Reduce stress, fatigue, and illness
  • Increase your self-esteem & confidence
  • Attract loving relationships
  • Fulfill your highest potential in life
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle
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Healing your mind & body

Integrate wellbeing practices into your life:

  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Somatic awareness
  • Bodywork therapies
  • Energy-based practices
  • Habits for healthy living
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Developing Self-Realization

Explore life on an existential level:

  • Find purpose & meaning
  • Develop deeper levels of wisdom
  • Investigate philosophical questions
  • Develop spiritual awakening
  • Explore mind and consciousness
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