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Evolving health

I qualified as a registered nurse over three decades ago, and went on to work within the NHS in acute hospital care, high dependency units, outpatient clinics, health promotion units, and as a practice nurse in GP surgeries.

I loved the work that I did, enjoyed meeting and helping so many people, and I genuinely thought I had a good understanding of health, illness, and wellbeing. All was well - until I became ill with chronic pain and illness, and my life turned upside down.

It was only when I became severely ill that I became able to fully appreciate the limitations of a medical system which is primarily built upon a physical approach to health.  There is a vast difference between learning something through training, and living through it yourself.

I now believe that experience is perhaps one of the most important aspects of being able to develop insight into any situation, especially if you are helping others in that area.  After all, how much can you ever really understand something if you have not experienced it yourself?

So I began to expand my knowledge of a more holistic approach to health - one which actually incorporates all aspects of wellbeing, which takes into account the unique experience of each individual, and which addresses the areas of life which are often either being left in the shadows, or being pathologized, in mainstream healthcare approaches.

Evolving wisdom

My own journey involved developing a much deeper understanding of health, illness, healing, and the how these are influenced by an individuals understanding of the mind-body connection, and the myriad of cultural influences which impact health and wellbeing. I explored health from a truly holistic level, and from individual, collective, and existential perspectives of mind.

Taking a holistic approach to health involves taking into account of all parts of the self, and all the aspects of life which impact your experience and wellbeing.  It aims to support a person to develop skills and coping strategies so that they are able to thrive within their environment, no matter what situations they may encounter.  On a superficial level, holistic health involves mind, body, and spirit. On a deeper level, it is a synergy of emotions, thoughts, identity, feelings, control, release, connection, experience, memory, actions, beliefs, and so much more. And on a fundamental level it is the process of self-realization - of understanding life, death, consciousness, the nature of existence, and of being able to fully take your place in the world.

Because this is an individual journey, and everyone is unique, it is by it's very nature going to look different for each person.

As part of my own process, I completed additional training in a range of mind-body therapies, became an accredited health coach, and a specialist in chronic exhaustive conditions.  Then, after successfully completing my own recovery through the use of holistic practices, I have run my own wellbeing practice for over 15 years, helping people to reduce stress, pain, illness, and related symptoms, and to begin taking more control over their own health and wellbeing.  

One of the interesting things about holistic health is that once you begin to explore the nature of mind more deeply, you naturally just keep going until the point where you understand it even more comprehensively. Or at least this is what I did. So, I recently returned to university to explore the nature of mind-body health through a Masters Degree in Philosophy, where I got to study metaphysics, consciousness, healing, and the role of spirituality in health. 

On a personal level, this was one of the best things I have ever done, because it finally resolved all those burning questions that I couldn't find good answers for.  It also helped me to understand the subtle differences between medical and spiritual approaches to the nature of mind, and how this manifests within a therapeutic situation.  On a professional level, I now find myself able to use this experience to provide mentorship for my fellow practitioners; people who already have insight into wellbeing, but who want to take an even deeper approach to their practice.

Evolving Service

For anyone who is on a path of self-realization, the natural next step is to share what you have learnt with others and to help people who are experiencing emotional stress or suffering through your services.

Unfortunately, over the last couple of decades, whilst working as a self-employed therapist myself, I have seen so many highly skilled, caring, and empathic people complete their training as a coach or therapist, only to never actually use these skills in practice.

Some find self-employment to be a marked contrast to their previous employed status, and are not prepared for the challenges that this new situation poses. Others may have completed their training primarily to gain insights for their own growth, or as an attempt for the resolution of their own personal wellbeing challenges.

Since most therapists are highly motivated and solution-orientated, many actively seek help to fill the gap in their business skills and knowledge. Sadly, they find that the majority of people who provide these services charge ridiculously high fees, which are unaffordable if you are already struggling with your business.

I have found it saddening to see so many talented healing practitioners fall away from their therapeutic roles, when there is such a growing need for their services.
So, now that my own personal circumstances have changed, I have decided to do something about this problem by providing ethically priced mentorship and support services for wellbeing solopreneurs, healing practitioners, and people who provide spiritual services. So that together we can make a positive impact in the world.

Why is this relevant to you?

I believe that wellbeing is an evolving process of embodied wisdom.

There are several stages along the way: First, reducing stress-related health issues and creating habits which support your health. Next is the integration of therapies into your life to release the effects of stress, and boost the energetic flow within the body and mind. Third, the integration of deeper insights into life, which will make you more resilient, even in the face of challenging situations. Finally, living a life which is fulfilling and meaningful to you, and which potentially also has a beneficial impact on others.

This is a journey on which I have been myself. So, I can support you through any one aspect that you need support with, or even take through each of the stages if you wish. The qualifications and experiences I have had will help you to move through this process more easily, and save you time and energy.

Qualifications and Scope of Practice




Qualified Registered Nurse: Post graduate diplomas in stress & chronic illness management, behaviour change, including psychology, pain control, asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular health  

Chrysalis Effect Practitioner: Specialist coaching for recovery from chronic pain & exhaustive conditions, including CFS/ME & fibromyalgia    

ILM Accredited Well-Being Coach: Lifestyle coaching for health-related issues including diet, healthy habits, stress, relationships, emotions      

Scope of Practice:  
Chronic fatigue conditions
Relationship coaching  
Spiritual mentorship
Emotional resilience
Stress and anxiety reduction  
Bereavement and loss  
Diet and nutrition  
Healthy relationships
Career & financial health  
Chronic illness management

FdSc Degree in Holistic Health:
Holistic health, spirituality & health, healing therapies, the mind-body connection, approaches to health & healing

Topics: Nutritional therapy, exercise for health, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, psychology, counselling

Professional Qualifications: Several therapies, including therapeutic and remedial massage, aromatherapy, nutrition, reiki, stone therapy,  reflexology, Thai massage, fibromyalgia management, and acupressure        

Scope of Practice:  
Stress management  
Nutritional guidance  
Sports/muscular pain or injury  
Back, neck & shoulder pain
Energy therapies
Somatic awareness
Chronic fatigue conditions
Mindfulness practices  
Acupressure and meridians  

MA (Phil) - Eastern & Western Philosophy:  
Metaphysics, philosophy of mind, spirituality & religion, health & well-being, the mind-body connection, healing practices  

Dissertation: - Perspectives on trauma, mental illness, spiritual experience, and approaches to recovery    

BA (Hons): - Philosophy & Holistic Health: Studying mind and body, spirituality & religion, scientific theory, rationality, knowledge, ethics, and approaches to health      

Scope of Practice:  
Philosophy of mind  
Spiritual experience  
Trauma and mental health  
Mind, body & consciousness
Spirituality and religion  
Ethics and morals  
Science and rationality  
Cultural beliefs  
Personal transformation

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