About You

A few notes about who I can best help, and who I usually work with

It's so important that you get the right mentor for you. So here's a quick guide to the people who I can best help - so that you know whether or not you are in the right place.

As an introduction, I combine these two areas together...

1 - exploring the mind-body connection and it's relationship to consciousness, spirituality, and health.

2 - providing support and mentorship for people who provide wellbeing services for others.

Who I Help...

  • Spiritual workers
  • Social care providers
  • Energy healers
  • Mindfulness teachers
  • Holistic therapists
  • Life & health coaches
  • Health practitioners
  • Soul-centred people
  • Yoga practitioners
  • Mind-based therapists
  • Nurses & caregivers
  • Wellness solopreneurs

Services for Holistic Health & Wellbeing

I understand that it's important for you to find just the right therapist or mentor for you, so here are a few other things you may want to consider before booking with me, to see if we are both on the same page.  

I invite you to see if any of these things resonate with your own perspective...

On Health...

You already recognise that health encompasses so much more than just mental or physical wellness.  Health is impacted by your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, relationships, life experiences, and your unique perspective of life. It is affected by your habits, choices, self-esteem, coping strategies, thought patterns, and your ability to take control over your own life.

Health is also more than labels, diagnoses, and fixed patterns which are set in stone and which may be applied for a lifetime. Health and wellbeing a a dynamic, ever-changing phenomenon. So, you understand that you can change your approach to life and health in a moment, and that this will produce different outcomes in terms of your wellbeing, happiness, and enjoyment of life.

You are ready to accept that you have control over your health and wellbeing, no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in. You feel ready to take charge of your own life experience, and to do whatever it takes to improve your current situation. You are ready to accept support where needed, and to let his go and become more self-empowered as you progress on your journey.

On Values...

You value the deeper things in life, like authenticity, insight, and connection. You treat people with kindness, compassion, and equality, and expect to be treated in the same way.

Meaning and purpose are important to you, as is your health, and your relationships with the people in your life.

You do not hold unquestioned polarised, or dogmatic views and opinions about any topic, including politics or spirituality. Nor do you try to persuade other people to agree or adhere to your own views.

Instead, you appreciate that all people have a unique perspective on life, that everyone is on their own individual journey, and that it is ok to have different opinions to other people, and to still be friendly and respectful to each other.

On Accountability...

You have enough self-awareness and insight to be able to recognise when there are things in your life that would be helpful to change, and you feel ready to take action where necessary, even if you may need some support with this initially.

This could be something simple, like an ingrained habit which will improve your health and wellbeing. Or perhaps more challenging, like changing a deep-seated emotional response or coping mechanism, which may initially lie outside of your conscious awareness.

Either way, you are now at a place where you are ready to take more control and accountability for your experience of your life and health.  You do not expect anyone else to 'fix' you, or to give you a simple solution which will resolve all your problems. Nor do you blame others for the situations in your life, and expect them to change in order for you to feel better.

Accountability is also not a state of victimhood, where you feel responsible for the actions of others. You are able to see this, and to separate yourself from people who would attempt to control you, or to make you feel accountable for their poor behaviour and choices.

You feel ready to take back your own power over your life, health, emotions, and personal growth. and that is why you are choosing to embark on a deliberate path of more insight, change, or wellbeing. 

On Service...

You are a wellbeing practitioner who helps others because it feels like an inherently good thing to do. Perhaps you are within mainstream employment - a nurse, a social worker, a carer, or a health assistant. Maybe you are a specialist therapist - you work within art, speech, physio, hypnotism,  occupational therapy, or psychology.  Or perhaps you are self-employed within holistic health, counselling, osteopathy, spiritual healing, or any other modality which impacts the wellbeing of others..

You may feel disillusioned with the environment in which you are working, and want some guidance on moving towards a path that would be more aligned with you values. Perhaps you currently feel at odds with the rules that you have to adhere to at work, or misaligned with the job you believed it to be. So, you continue to feel unsettled, dissatisfied, or frustrated. You need a complete overhaul of your life, and to find a new work direction which feels more authentic.

Maybe you are a solopreneur who has qualified in your field, but is struggling to grow your practice, to find clients who feel like the right fit for you, or to find your niche.  You have tried to find the support you need, but you are disillusioned with all the sleazy tactics, six-figure orientated people, and non-qualified people who have set up in the wellbeing space, and who are marketers, rather than therapists at heart.  You are looking for a genuine mentor who can help.

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