Mind-Body Health


I'm Daniella - a holistic health consultant, coach, therapist, and a specialist in the mind-body connection. 

I help people to reduce stress-related health conditions and to take more control over their own health; by understanding the nature of mind and body on a deeper level, and through the use of therapeutic practices which optimise wellbeing. 

I also provide support for wellbeing service providers; so that they can continue to thrive and help others, without compromising their own vitality.

My services are divided into three main areas, each exploring mind-body health from a different perspective.  
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The mind-body connection, stress-related illness, and health therapies

Your mind and body are not separate things. When your thoughts are out of control, and you are experiencing stress, anxiety, or emotional overwhelm, there is a chain if events which occurs throughout your body as a direct result.  

Chronic stress creates a range of symptoms which occur on several levels, including...  

Physical - inflammation, changes in immune function, muscular pain, dizziness, headaches, fatigue
Emotional -  anxiety, constant worry, difficulty thinking, overwhelm, depression
Behavioural - changes in sleep patterns, smoking, stress eating, isolation, avoidance, irritability  

Chronic health conditions may eventually occur, and these in turn create additional mental, emotional, social, and financial challenges, which exacerbate the stress-illness cycle even more.  

As an accredited practitioner in chronic exhaustive conditions, and with over thirty years experience supporting people with chronic health conditions, I aim to help you to change this cycle, and improve your wellbeing. I do this through specialist coaching, lifestyle interventions, and the use of therapies for pain and symptom management.  

My services in mind-body health are in two main areas: health coaching and therapies. Click to find out more...


Embodied wisdom, transformation, spirituality, and optimum wellbeing

Wisdom is the evolving process of being to see life as it actually is, to navigate situations with ease, and to  possess the ability to act in the highest interests of both yourself and others. It is based on a deep existential connection with life, and of being aligned with meaning and purposeful activities.

This is the aspect of mind which can leave people feeling that they can achieve more, and seeking meaning. Some common issues include...

Personal development - low self-esteem, unhealthy habits, feeling unfulfilled, restless mind, toxic relationships
Spirituality - loss of faith, isolation, fear of illness or death, spiritual confusion, lack of connection or purpose
Philosophical - limited mind & consciousness, lack of meaning, despair, frustration with life, seeking answers

Mindset, spirituality, and wisdom are important components of optimising your wellbeing. The more that you understand life, the easier you will find it to navigate difficult circumstances, and the less stress you will experience. So, the more you can thrive and reach your highest potential.

With two degrees in philosophy, and focusing on metaphysics of health-related topics, I have studied the mind-body connection extensively, especially the relationship between mind, spirituality and health.

For my coaching in this area, I feel that I am  most aligned with people who are looking to understand the mind from a deeper, existential viewpoint, rather than from medicalised one. This can either be from a personal development perspective, from a spiritual view which aligns with the wisdom traditions,  or simply a desire to understand the nature of mind and consciousness.

My services in mind-body wisdom are in two areas: coaching for mindset and embodied wisdom. Click to find out more...


Providing support for others - wellbeing of mind, body, and soul

I often find myself working with people who are spiritually-aligned, highly empathic, and on a committed path of personal growth themselves. So, it's no surprise that many of these people also provide their own wellbeing services.  Some may be struggling with chronic exhaustion,  other are moving beyond mindset limitations, and some individuals are overwhelmed with maintaining  their own health whilst also running their own wellbeing practice.

So, I also now offer mentorship programmes and support services for a range of health practitioners including: nurses, social care providers, holistic therapists, and spiritual healers.  Here are the things that I usually help with...

Life purpose - authentic work, meaning in life, aligning with your values, taking action steps, overcoming fear
Health support for healers - changing core beliefs, moving beyond co-dependency, developing health boundaries, challenging ideas on health
Mentorship programmes - essential business skills, setting up and growing your practice, reaching your ideal clients, finding your life purpose

It's important to have a work structure which fits in with your own values, priorities, lifestyle, and which is sustainable in the long-term so that you do not get burnt out, or become unable to continue providing your valuable health and wellbeing services.

Having worked in a range of health settings during the last three decades, I have plenty of insight into the challenges which often go hand in hand with being a health practitioner - both from the perspectives of working within a big organisation, and for the self-employed.

My services for health professionals are in two main areas: life purpose and mentorship for healers. Click to find out more...