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I'm Daniella - holistic health consultant, therapist, writer, and a specialist in the mind-body connection.

I provide individual and professional support services for healers.  

I work with heart-centred people, wisdom seekers, spiritual workers, caregivers, holistic therapists, 
and all types of healing practitioners. 

This site is home to my blog where we explore mind-body health from a variety of perspectives, 
contemplating how each of these impact both your own wellbeing and your healing practice. 

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Mastering the mind-body connection:
Overcome chronic stress, fatigue, or illness, and optimise your own wellbeing

Chronic exhaustive conditions are common problems in people who are highly empathic and who provide wellbeing support for others, either in a personal or professional capacity. Your mind and body are not separate things. So, when you are experiencing long-term stress or emotional overwhelm, there is a chain if events which occurs throughout your body as a direct result.

We are not meant to experience constantly high levels of stress, or to be exposed to the life challenges and suffering of others on a daily basis.
So, it's no surprise that doing so will eventually wear us down, and may begin to impact our own wellbeing.

Experiencing chronic stress creates a range of symptoms which occur on several levels, including...  
Physical - inflammation, changes in immune function, muscular pain, dizziness, headaches, fatigue
Emotional -  anxiety, constant worry, difficulty thinking, overwhelm, depression
Behavioural - changes in sleep patterns, smoking, stress eating, isolation, avoidance, irritability  

Exhaustive conditions are a group of health issues which include chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and burnout. They may also be associated with problems such as autoimmune conditions, heightened sensitivity, or post viral fatigue.

As an accredited practitioner in chronic exhaustive conditions, I have been working with people who have chronic stress, fatigue and illness for decades. Now, I focus on providing this specialist support for care providers, spiritually-aligned people, and wellbeing practitioners.

So, if you are experiencing stress, fatigue, or burnout, and it is beginning to affect your life or work, then I can help. I do this through specialist coaching, changing contributing factors, and using therapies for pain and symptom management.  

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Contemplating mind, body, and consciousness:
Develop embodied wisdom, personal growth, and spiritual awakening

Evolving wisdom is the process of being to see life as it actually is.  It involves the ability of being able to navigate situations with ease, and to act in the highest interests of both yourself and others. Based on a deep fundamental connection with life itself, wisdom is about being aligned with activities that hold meaningful purpose in the world, and which are greater than yourself.

Wisdom is a central component of wellbeing. Both for your own personal experience, and for being able to support others effectively. After all, you can only be alignment with life to the extent that you have embodied it yourself.

Often people who are already on a path of personal growth, such as healers, will encounter areas of life which no longer make sense. This is how you know you are on a path of evolving wisdom.

These signals can show up in many ways including....
Personal development - letting go of emotional trauma, feeling unfulfilled with life, moving beyond unhealthy relationships
Spirituality - loss of faith, isolation, fear of illness or death, spiritual confusion, chasing enlightenment or awakening
Philosophical - constantly seeking answers about life, enquiries into ethics, suffering, and cultural norms

Mindset, spirituality, and wisdom are important components of optimising your wellbeing. The more that you understand life, the easier you will find it to navigate difficult circumstances, and the less stress you will experience. This in turn supports your ability to thrive and reach your highest potential - both in your own life, and in your practice.

My own journey has been one where seeking has played an important role. It has led me to study philosophy at honours and masters degree levels, exploring the metaphysics of health-related topics including trauma, healing, and consciousness. The mind-body connection has been central to these insights, especially the relationship between mind, spirituality and health.

So, if you are a healer who is on a journey of self-realization, then I can help you to develop the insights you are seeking. For my coaching in this area, I feel that I am  most aligned with people who are looking to understand the mind from an existential viewpoint, rather than from a theoretical or medicalised one.  So, I work best with people who are spiritual seekers, or who have a real interest in exploring mind and consciousness.

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Providing professional support for mind-body health:
Align with your life purpose, and grow your signature wellbeing practice

Most of the people that I work with have a caring role in some form or another.  Some people work within paid employment, some provide voluntary services or unpaid care, and others provide therapeutic services within their own private practice.  What they all share is a common desire to provide health, care, or wellness support for other people.

So, I provide mentorship programmes and support services for a wide range of healing practitioners including: nurses, social care providers, holistic therapists, and spiritual healers.  Here are the things that I usually help with...

Life purpose - finding authentic work, meaning in life, aligning with your values, taking action steps, overcoming fear
Health for healers - changing core beliefs, moving beyond co-dependency, developing healthy boundaries, challenging ideas
Business support - learn essential business skills, starting and growing your practice, and reaching your ideal clients

I believe that your work is both an expression of who you are, and how you share your gifts with the world. Providing wellbeing services for others can also be a journey of personal transformation.

Having worked in a range of health settings during the last three decades has given me plenty of insight into the challenges which often go hand in hand with being a health practitioner - whether working within a big organisation, or being self-employed.

If you want to get some 1-1 guidance and support for aligning with your purpose, or for growing your own practice, I invite you to contact me.

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Daniella Saunders - Specialist in Mind-Body Health
MA (Phil), BA (Hons), RGN

Hi - I'm Daniella.  I'm a holistic health consultant, coach, therapist, philosopher, and a specialist in the mind-body connection.

With over thirty years healthcare experience, exploring the nature of mind and consciousness has been my primary focus for a very long time now, gradually evolving from a medicalised viewpoint to an existential one.

I decided to start this blog so that I can help people harness the power of the mind-body connection, so that they can improve both their own health, and the wellbeing of others.

I am most aligned with people who have a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, who have a soul-centred approach to their life and work, and individuals who are on a path of personal or spiritual growth themselves.

If you are interested, you can find out more about my background, experience, qualifications, and why I do this work here...

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