Spiritual Awakening

Exploring spirituality, religion, and existence


There are so many different interpretations of what spirituality is...

For some, spirituality is associated with making changes to their lives which leave them feeling less anxious, and more able to cope with their current circumstances.

Whilst others associate awakening with certain practices, like meditation, asanas, therapies, and self-inquiry. For others, awakening is associated with a sense of peace, of stillness, of feeling looked after, or connected with a higher being.

However, ultimately, any spiritual journey will eventually come to the same realization. It simply being aware of the nature of mind, consciousness, and personal experience. It is the experiential recognition of who you are, and your place in existence.  It is the ultimate insight, which removes the fear of death, and in doing so, allows you to live fully.


Spirituality and health

So, what does health have to do with spirituality?

Health and illness are common catalysts for a spiritual or religious quest.  Indeed, the direct relationship between adversity and spiritual seeking is one which is well documented.

Any area of health which is disrupted can lead to a deep and burning desire for spiritual connection and understanding. This can include our mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, or cultural health....

Why does this occur? When we experience a major change in our lives, it can lead to a breakdown in our thoughts about who we are - our very identity is shaken to the core.

Think about a life-threatening illness, a bereavement, or a traumatic experience....  In each of these situations, a deep desire for spiritual wisdom can come to the fore, as we begin to question things like evil, suffering, and the nature of our very existence. Issues and concerns that we have never had to think about before.

A strong desire for seeking can also arise in people who have not experienced such adversity. It simply occurs as a strong, burning desire, which may be present throughout ones life... a deep calling for spiritual wisdom, and a drive towards self-realization.


The spiritual journey

The process of finding answers to existential questions often begins with clearing enough space to be able to see through the egoic structures of the mind...

This is where practices like meditation come in - because it stops the usual flow of the mind, and changes our focus of attention, so that we can begin to see what is actually happening.

Next, is learning to let go of the thoughts and beliefs which create suffering. Then once you can move beyond the nature of thought, belief, and habits, you can begin to recognise what lies beyond.

To do this usually requires investigating the nature of who you are - consistently over time. Until you have sufficient awareness to see what is already there....

Whilst some people have spontaneous spiritual experiences, it is more common to have small breakthroughs - brief insights into the deeper nature of life. A passing moment of connection or clarity. But often these are transient, and fade away...

The path of self-realization is where we become able to see clearly through the egoic self, and can experience life as it is. The route to this experience is hidden in plain sight. It is so present in our everyday experience, that we lose touch with it, and this is where a mentor can help...

Spiritual mentorship

Spiritual mentorship may be something that you have not previously considered? But ask yourself, how much of your time and energy do you spend seeking the answers to spiritual questions?

What if you just decided to sit down with someone who has explored them already, and can help you work the process with more ease?

One of the primary reasons that people are often unsuccessful in their quest for personal growth or spiritual awakening, is that they simply haven't yet found the right coach or mentor for them.

The spiritual world of awakening is confusing,  to say the least. Whilst most people are well-meaning, many get inadvertently caught up in strongly dogmatic opinions and viewpoints. It is easy to get lost in a cycle of never-ending seeking.

But for those people who do want to understand and experience awakening, there is a way forward. It lies in understanding the fundamental nature of consciousness...  Exploring perennial philosophy - the shared experience which lies at the very heart of most religions and spiritual traditions.


Individualised guidance for awakening

I offer a specialised coaching programme for people who are spiritual seekers, on a path of awakening, or who want to explore life on a deeper level than is usually covered in most regular health or therapy sessions.

I never make any claims for enlightenment, or any profound spiritual insights. What I do offer is a non-judgemental, safe, and soul-centred space, where you can openly explore whatever is arising in your life right now. Plus a level of experiential insight, knowledge, and even wisdom, which can help you through the areas of confusion that you are dealing with right now.  So that you can finally get the clarity you are seeking.

Spiritual mentorship...

Spiritual mentorship is for  helping you to find your own spiritual path. 

 Each one of us has a different journey and perspective... Mentorship is not about pressuring you into any specific teaching, religious path, or doctrine. It is a support-based, safe space, where we can work through whatever arises in that moment.

Support for evolving wisdom, spiritual growth, and  self-realization

Explore the nature of mind and consciousness

Discover how your identity relates to your soul

Distinguish real awakening from popular beliefs

Clarify the relationship between spirituality and health

Explore the nature of life and death

Understand the nature of evil and suffering

Integrate spiritual practices into your life

Define your own spiritual path

Explore what God means to you

Develop deep levels of peace and inner wisdom

Develop Spiritual Awakening...

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