Health Coaching

Holistic health coaching for healing practitioners, wisdom seekers, and heart-centred people. Practical support for chronic stress, fatigue, sensitivity, and burnout.

Holistic Health Coaching for Chronic Stress, Fatigue & Illness

Here are the three main areas I can help you with...

Chronic Fatigue

Stress & Illness

Energetic Sensitivity

Recognise triggers for exhaustion 
Change underlying habits
Step-by-step recovery plan

Stop stress & overwhelm
Develop effective coping strategies
Heal unprocessed emotions

Set healthy personal boundaries
Improve your own energy levels
Thrive with high energetic sensitivity

Health Coaching for Stress, Fatigue and Illness

Specialist support for:
Chronic exhaustive conditions
Emotional healing
Stress, overwhelm & burnout

The problem of chronic stress and its impact on health

When your body is exposed to constantly high levels of stress, it can put a great strain on all aspects of your health; including your physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing.

The stress response is designed as a mechanism for dealing with short-term problems, things like having to run away from a predator, deal with a threat to personal safety, or manage a difficult situation. In an ideal situation, as soon as the immediate threat has passed, the body restores its equilibrium, and all the changes which had taken place, like hormonal fluctuations, increased breathing and heart rate, and so on, all reverse back to a normal state.

A problem arises when our stress response is activated repeatedly. This could be because of any number of things; emotional triggers, exposure to constantly high levels of mental stress, relationship difficulties, unprocessed emotions, or anything else which sets off this internal response

The development of chronic fatigue and illness

When we are in a state of chronic stress, we become more prone to health conditions which are associated with an over-active sympathetic nervous system response. Stress-related symptoms include inflammation, brain fog, digestive problems, severe fatigue, sleep disruption, anxiety, panic, overactive thoughts, and so on...

Eventually, if sustained for a prolonged period, this can trigger other health issues, including exhaustive conditions, like chronic fatigue or burnout, depression, anxiety, and auto-immune responses.

It's also important to note that stress flows in a multi-dimensional way.  Physical stressors, like exposure to viruses, or hereditary illnesses, can trigger mental and emotional challenges. Whilst long-term emotional or reactive stress can create physical illnesses.

Chronic illness brings it's own set of challenges, and can also impact relationships, ability to work, finances, and social interactions. Stress is not always a mind-down cascade of symptoms - it can work in multiple other ways too.

Chronic Fatigue and Burnout in Healing Practitioners

Anyone who works within the healing professions, or in a caregiving role, is naturally more susceptible to developing chronic exhaustion or burnout, when compared to people who work in other careers. 

Individuals who support the wellbeing of others are usually highly empathic, caring people, who are highly sensitive to the emotional energy of the people that they care for. From a personality point of view, there are certain traits that care providers have which can lead to an increased of burnout. There are also a number of core beliefs which are commonly held in this group of people which can keep them inadvertently stuck in patterns of behaviour which are not helpful in the longer-term, and which can negatively impact health and energy.

In addition, caring environments can often come with a unique set of stressors. After all, you were not designed to keep giving to others unconditionally. Neither is it normal to be exposed to the suffering of other people on a daily basis, without any real opportunity for respite and recovery yourself.

With this in mind, it's no wonder really that so many healers, carers, counsellors, spiritual workers, and therapists experience chronic stress, anxiety, fatigue, or illness.

Self-care and developing a long-term strategy for your own health is essential if you wish to continue helping others for the longer-term future.

Why Should You Work With a Specialist Health Coach?

Specialist insight for chronic stress, fatigue, and illness

As an accredited practitioner in chronic exhaustive conditions, and an experienced therapist in chronic illness, I work from a truly holistic perspective, and incorporate multiple healing modalities together in order to get the best results for you.

Your coach can only help you to the extent that they have insight themselves, and it's important to be aware that not all coaches are equal in their training and experience.

When I used to work in the NHS, I ran my own clinics within GP surgeries for people with chronic health conditions, as well as working in hospital clinics with people who had chronic illnesses. As someone who has extensive qualifications in chronic illness, over thirty years professional experience, plus my own recovery from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, I can reassure you that I am well able to help you with your health journey.

Coaching for optimising health and energy

If you have not encountered coaching before, then it is useful to know that it is a very pro-active therapy, which focuses on getting you from point A to point B in the most effective way possible. Each coach will approach this journey differently, and in accordance with their own level of specialist training and experience.

Just so that you know, my focus is the mind-body connection, and exploring the relationship between your thoughts, beliefs, and the quality of your wellbeing.  I prioritise getting to the root causes of stress, exhaustion, and illness, so that you can work towards maintaining your long-term wellbeing.

If you choose to work with me, your programme will be very individualised, and will depend on your specific circumstances.  As an example, we may include may include some work on uncovering hidden emotional patterns, beliefs, and habits which are contributing to your condition. In addition, I will help you to reduce symptoms like pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, or digestive problems through the use of holistic therapies and lifestyle interventions. Plus, we will work together on any other issues which are creating stress in your life, like relationship patterns, and integrating coping skills which will help you to take more charge over your own health.

Every person is unique. We have all encountered a specific group of events in life, and we all interpret the world according to the beliefs, values, and knowledge that we have gained. With this in mind, your coaching programme includes key steps for your personal recovery, and is tailored to your own unique requirements. 

Daniella Saunders

Health Coaching for Chronic Stress, Fatigue, and Illness

Accredited practitioner in chronic exhaustive conditions, including CFS, ME and fibromyalgia.

Qualified nurse, health coach, holistic therapist, and specialist in the mind-body connection.

Over 35 years experience in healthcare, supporting people with health-related change and chronic illness

Specialist support for chronic exhaustive conditions...

Exhaustive Conditions

Immune Wellness

Chronic Illness

Stress Reduction

Fatigue & Burnout

Developing Resilience

Emotional Triggers

Pain & Symptoms