Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching for healing practitioners and wellbeing solopreneurs.
Move beyond limiting beliefs and grow your practice.

Mindset Coaching for Empaths, Carers, and Healing Practitioners

Here are the three main areas I can help you with...

Emotional Resilience

Personal Transformation

Prosperity Mindset

Increase somatic presence
Develop insights into unconscious beliefs
Let go of past conditioning

Step-by-step personalised support
Create new habits for success
Develop skills for soul-centred leadership

Overcome trauma-related habits
Attract abundance into your life
Integrate spiritual blocks to prosperity

Mindset Coaching for Empaths, Therapists, and Healers

Support for:
Letting go of limiting beliefs
Creating new habits for prosperity
Developing a mindset which supports your practice

How your mindset can hold you back

We all have a set of beliefs and habits which are the result of the experiences we have encountered during out life.  Sometimes these work well for us and other times perhaps not so much...

Here are a few ways you can tell if you are experiencing mindset issues which may need to be addressed...

First of all, problems with mindset can often show up as a reluctance to step into a role that you have always wanted, or they can prevent you from changing your career to one which you would find more meaningful and fulfilling.  Procrastination is also a clear sign that you may be dealing with troublesome core beliefs which are holding you back in your life and work. In addition to more obvious signs of stress, fear, or anxiety which can crop up in specific situations.

Becoming a freelance or self-employed practitioner is also guaranteed to highlight all of the beliefs which are not working so well for you. These also tend to be based around fear.  Some common underlying issues include a fear of visibility, or perceived failure, or not being good enough.  These can show up as procrastination,  or avoidance of doing the work that you really feel aligned with.

Stepping into the work you were born to do

Whilst working as a self-employed therapist over the last couple of decades, I have seen many talented and highly gifted therapists, coaches, and wellbeing practitioners start their own practice, only to eventually give up on their dreams and return to a stable, but unfulfilling, job.

This could be for a variety of reasons - from not having the essential business skills needed for running a private wellbeing practice, to struggling from fatigue or burnout, or because of a fear-based mindset which stops them from reaching their desired goals.  Either way, it's sad to see such talent go to waste when there are so many people who need these valuable services. So, this is why I have decided to help.

Perhaps you have a deep inner calling to do a particular type of work which you know will benefit others. Or maybe you have learnt many valuable lessons through your own life experiences, and you want to share this clarity with people who would benefit greatly from your wisdom. It's important to recognise these internal whispers, and to follow them - they are the calling of your soul.

Your work is the external expression of the gifts that you can share with the world.  Likewise the actual process of providing this support to others can in fact be an opportunity for your own personal and spiritual growth. If you are open to it, you can uncover deep-seated emotional and mental patterns which can be resolved, and then transformed into a healthier way of being for yourself.

By the very nature of the type of work that we do, healers and care providers tend to be on a path of compassionate growth themselves.  By providing wellbeing services for others, you can not only help your clients, but it can also be a pathway to fulfilling your highest calling too.

Mindset Coaching and Mentorship for Healers

Ethical mentorship for empaths, carers, and healers

There are many coaching programmes out and about on the internet. Most will lull you in gently with a reasonably priced introductory offering, knowing that you are desperate to do the work that you love, only to try and sell you a programme which costs thousands further down the line. Is this really ethical? In my opinion, no, it's not. This is simply someone taking advantage of the insecurities and inexperienced of newly qualified wellbeing providers.

There is never any need to pay out vast sums of money for what is essentially a mentorship programme.  You just need to find someone who is aligned with your own point of view, and who has been there themselves. Then get them to teach you the essential skills to get started and grow your practice, so that you can eventually do it on your own.

This is what my mentorship programmes aim to do - I help soul-centred people who want to provide holistic, spiritual, or wellbeing services for others. If you decide to work with me, we can explore a range of topics which will help you to align with a mindset and purpose which feels authentic for you. From finding work that you love, helping people within a particular niche, moving past procrastination, getting comfortable with more visibility, and developing the confidence and habits that you need to grow your practice.

If this is something that you may find helpful, please feel free to contact me by email to discuss your situation, or book in for an initial consultation below, and we can get started on aligning you with your ideal work.

Daniella Saunders

Mindset Coaching for Healing Practitioners

Over 35 years experience in healthcare, supporting people with mindset and behaviour change.

Qualified nurse, health coach, holistic therapist, and specialist in the mind-body connection.

Over fifteen years working as self-employed health coach and holistic therapist.

Optimising your mindset for prosperity...

Change limiting beliefs

Creating a meaningful life

Uncover core beliefs

Overcome emotional trauma

Develop new habits

Increase confidence

Integrate spirituality

Grow your practice

Help more people